Evader XE Wheels

Increase your agility with the Reckless Evade XE wheels.

The new, upgraded, urethane formula of Reckless Evader wheels has been developed to give the skater even better grip, that is moulded around stronger cores giving better durability, all whilst sporting some fancy new colours.

The 59mm Evader XE wheel from Reckless has a smaller profile giving a lower centre of gravity to the skater and the ability to start and stop quicker with greater lateral movement and agility than with standard sized wheels.

Available in:

  • Green 88a
  • Lilac 91a
  • Orange 93a
  • Teal 95a
Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Reckless EVADER XE 59mm 88a Green GMRL122453 RECKLESS WHEELS (4) - EVADER XE 59mm/88a - GREEN GM/RL/122453
Reckless EVADER XE 59mm 91a Lilac GMRL122454 RECKLESS WHEELS (4) - EVADER XE 59mm/91a - LILAC GM/RL/122454
Reckless EVADER XE 59mm 93a Peach GMRL122455 RECKLESS WHEELS (4) - EVADER XE 59mm/93a - PEACH GM/RL/122455
Reckless EVADER XE 59mm 95a Turquoise GMRL122456 RECKLESS WHEELS (4) - EVADER XE 59mm/95a - TEAL GM/RL/122456