Antik Skateboots

Mo Sanders, aka "Quadzilla" is a lifelong skater with over 30 years of skating various disciplines (Rhythm, Roller Derby, Speed and FreeStyle), who felt the need to challenge traditional thought processes and designs behind roller skate boots and develop a new way to roll. The dream was to bring the most comfortable and technical roller skate boots to the market. This dream, the passion for the sport along with new designs and high quality products have all been combined to create Antik Skate Boots.

Antik SkateBoots - Experience the feel of cutting edge design, passion and performance.

Antik Skate Boots are made in the USA by highly experienced craftsmen with decades of boot making experience behind them. No expense is spared when making Antik SkateBoots and only the finest materials are used to ensure the best comfort, the best performance and the best durability is achieved.