Radar Wheels - SALE - 50% OFF

Tested and rated number one by skaters in every skating discipline!

Radar Wheels deliver top performance with the very best value no matter what demand skating enthusiasts place on their wheels.

Don't be fooled by other wheels that simply look like Radar Wheels. Radar Wheels are the very best skate wheels and top skaters rely on Radar Wheels' performance on their skates.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Radar Wheels EVO Pink Black RADAR WHEELS (4) EVO PINK/BLACK 62mm RSRWEV01
Radar Wheels EVO Blue White RADAR WHEELS (4) EVO WHITE/BLUE 62mm RSRWEV03
Radar Wheels EVO Black Red RADAR WHEELS (4) EVO RED/BLACK 62mm RSRWEV04
Radar Wheels SpeedRay 62mm Blue Tite RADAR WHEELS (4) SPEED RAY ICE BLUE 62mm RSRWSR04
Radar Wheels Tuner Pink RADAR WHEELS (4) TUNER PINK 62mm RSRWTU01
Radar Wheels Tuner Red RADAR WHEELS (4) TUNER RED 62mm RSRWTU02
Radar Wheels Tuner Green RADAR WHEELS (4) TUNER GREEN 62mm RSRWTU03
Radar Wheels Tuner Orange RADAR WHEELS (4) TUNER ORANGE 62mm RSRWTU04
Radar Wheels Tuner Blue RADAR WHEELS (4) TUNER ICE BLUE 62mm RSRWTU05
Radar Wheels Tuner Jr Pink RADAR WHEELS (4) TUNER JR PINK 59mm RSRWTU11
Radar Wheels Tuner Jr Red RADAR WHEELS (4) TUNER JR RED 59mm RSRWTU12
Radar Wheels Tuner Jr Blue RADAR WHEELS (4) TUNER JR BLUE 59mm RSRWTU15
Radar Wheels Tuner Jr Blue RADAR WHEELS (4) TUNER JR BLACK 59mm RSRWTU16
Radar Wheels Zodiac Green RADAR WHEELS (4) ZODIAC GREEN 62mm RSRWZO01
Radar Wheels Zodiac Blue RADAR WHEELS (4) ZODIAC SKY BLUE 62mm RSRWZO02
Radar Wheels Zodiac Orange RADAR WHEELS (4) ZODIAC ORANGE 62mm RSRWZO04
Radar Wheels Diamond 62mm 90a Grey RADAR WHEELS (4) - DIAMOND - GREY - 62mm/90a RW/RDI/GY
Radar Wheels Diamond 62mm 94a White RADAR WHEELS (4) - DIAMOND - NATURAL - 62mm/94a RW/RDI/NA