Grn Mnstr Skate Products

J & R Sports are excited to confirm that we are now the official distributor for Grn Mnstr Skate Products!

Grn Mnstr Rollersports strive to bring the best available products and some of the best known brands in Roller Derby and will remain forever true to the sport.

Brands such as:

  • Antik Skate Boots
  • Reckless Wheels
  • GumBall Toe Stops
  • Moto Bearings
  • Heartless Agility Wheels
  • Astro-nuts

allow Grn Mnstr to totally submerse themselves into every aspect of the Roller Derby sport. Grn Mnstr keep a first-hand understanding of the sport by participating, refereeing, and also by coaching and educating people allowing them to spot rising trends in the fast-paced, ever changing Roller Derby scene.

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