KHE BMX Bushings & Bearings

KHE have been producing some of the finest BMX bikes and parts for over 20 years. All their efforts are put in the design and technology of their products to enhance the possibilities for their riders.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
KHE-3101-000-02 CLATCH - US LOOSE BB KIT KHE-3101-000-02
KHE-3101-200-02 CLATCH - MID LOOSE BB KIT inc AXLE KHE-3101-200-02
KHE-3102-000-02 CLATCH Sealed BB US Threaded CLATCH - SEALED BB US THREADED KHE-3102-000-02
KHE-3105-001-02 CLATCH - US TO EURO ADAPTOR KHE-3105-001-02
KHE-3106-019-99 CLATCH - MID SIZE UPGRADE KIT 19mm KHE-3106-019-99
KHE-3107-001-02 PRISM - SEALED EURO BB 19mm KHE-3107-001-02
KHE-3108-019-02 CLATCH - SEALED BB US THREADLESS 19mm KHE-3108-019-02
KHE-3110-019-02 PRISM - SEALED SPANISH BB 19mm KHE-3110-019-02
KHE-3120-019-02 PRISM Bushing with Affix Tech MID BB 19mm PRISM - BUSHING WITH AFFIX TECH MID BB 19mm KHE-3120-019-02
KHE-3121-019-02 PRISM - BUSHING WITH AFFIX TECH EURO BB 19mm KHE-3121-019-02
KHE-3122-019-02 PRISM Bushing with Affix Tech Spanish BB 19mm PRISM - BUSHING WITH AFFIX TECH SPANISH BB 19mm KHE-3122-019-02