MGP VX 7 Scooters

MGP VX7 Scooters - The MGP VX7 Range is HUGE, and we don't just mean with the amount of products available!

We saw an increase in demand for MGP Scooters last year thanks to the amazing specifications that were offered on the MGP VX6 Range and for the all new VX7 Range we're sure you're going to love these!

ALL NEW FOR 2017 is the addition of the MGP VX7 Mini Pro which boasts a shorter footplate for smaller/younger riders and has been based on the scooter used by MGP Pro Rider Charley Dyson, making it easy for smaller riders to perform their favourite tricks and stunts, as well as smaller bars than other scooters in the range.

The MGP VX7 Pro is the best entry level scooter that money can buy this year and features high quality, upgraded components only seen before on much higher priced models - without breaking the bank.

Hands down the most popular scooter every year is the Team Edition. It was difficult to upgrade and improve upon the previous model, but the MGP VX7 Team Edition is bigger and better than ever this year!

Reminiscent of the original Nitro Scooter, the MGP VX7 Nitro has been stripped back to its roots where subtlety was key, now, the MGP VX7 Nitro is the ultimate no nonsense complete scooter and is ready to shred with new upgraded components.

Finally, the MGP VX7 Extreme. Revolutionising the graphic designs on the scooters played a big part in last year's model, but this year the focus is on new parts, upgraded decks and will still feature the uniquely wrapped decks that we know you love as well as the MFX Switchblade wheels from the Ryan ‘RWilly’ Williams Signature Wheel range, which make the Madd Gear VX7 Extreme scooters the only scooters to feature these wheels as standard.