Madd Gear Scooters

Madd Gear are renowned for bringing the best quality, highest specification stunt scooters to their fans and this year the fantastic range of Madd Gear scooters is no different.

For 2017, Madd Gear have updated their entry level stunt scooters to pack even more amazing features into the range, starting with the introduction of the smaller, Mini Kick Pro X scooter.

Based around the current scooter setup of the youngest MGP UK Team Rider Charley Dyson, the Mini Kick Pro X has a shorter deck and perfectly proportioned handlebars both of which are great features for smaller kids picking up their first scooter.

Along with the addition of the Mini Kick Pro X, there have been upgraded components added to the *Madd Kick Pro X, Kick Extreme and Nuked Pro scooters as well as updated graphics across the range.

There is something to suit the pockets of riders of every age and capability in the Madd Gear range and all scooters feature a 4" flat bottom box deck, new Elliptical downtube and an HIC threadless fork, to help keep them lightweight without compromising on strength.