Paris Trucks

The new standard in longboarding trucks. Paris Trucks are made with three things in mind turning, durability and beauty. These trucks turn as good as they look and with a lifetime guarantee you can be assured that these trucks will be on your board for years to come.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Paris Trucks - 150mm - Polished - Angled - PTV3504 PARIS V3 150mm TRUCK - POLISHED (Unit) PTV3504
Paris Trucks - 150mm - Jet Black - Angled - PTV3505 PARIS V3 150mm TRUCK - JET BLACK (Unit) PTV3505
Paris Trucks - 180mm - Polished - Angled - PTV3514 PARIS V3 180mm TRUCK - POLISHED (Unit) PTV3514
Paris Trucks - 180mm - Jet Black - Angled - PTV3515 PARIS V3 180mm TRUCK - JET BLACK (Unit) PTV3515
Paris Trucks - 180mm - Matt Black - Angled - PTV3516 PARIS V3 180mm TRUCK - MATT BLACK (Unit) PTV3516
Paris Trucks - 180mm - Pearl White - Angled - PTV3517 PARIS V3 180mm TRUCK - PEARL WHITE (Unit) PTV3517
Paris Trucks - 180mm - Scarlet Red - Angled - PTV3518 PARIS V3 180mm TRUCK - SCARLET RED (Unit) PTV3518
Paris Trucks - 180mm - Cobalt Blue - Angled - PTV3519 PARIS V3 180mm TRUCK - COBALT BLUE (Unit) PTV3519
Paris Trucks - 180mm - Sage Green - Angled - PTV3520 PARIS V3 180mm TRUCK - SAGE GREEN (Unit) PTV3520
Paris Trucks - 180mm - Magic Magenta - Angled - PTV3521 PARIS V3 180mm TRUCK - MAGIC MAGENTA (Unit) PTV3521