MFX Pre-Order

MGP have always strived to bring the newest and best technology to the building and design of their scooters. With the MFX range of parts and accessories they’ve taken it to a whole new level and are bringing parts that have been designed and tested by the best riders on Team MGP from around the world.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
MFX X2 Cobra Scooter Clamp - Silver - Angled - 205-196 MFX X2 COBRA CLAMP - ANODISED SILVER MGP/205-196
MFX X3 Clamp - Silver - Angled - 205-199 MFX X3 TRIPLE CLAMP - ANODISED SILVER MGP/205-199
MFX Aero Aluminium Scooter Bars - Black Matt - Main - 205-101 MFX AERO BARS 24" x 25" - BLACK ALLOY MATT MGP/205-101
MFX CORRUPT Core 110mm Wheels - Black Black - Face - MGP207-065 MFX CORRUPT 110mm WHEELS - BLACK / BLACK MGP/207-065
MFX CORRUPT Core 110mm Wheels - Teal Black - Face - MGP207-062 MFX CORRUPT 110mm WHEELS - TEAL / BLACK MGP/207-066
MFX Headet - Mini Pro & Shredder - Setup - MGP205-883 MGP MFX HEADSET - ALL MODELS (VX7 -) MGP/205-883