Restless Longboards

Restless have worked tirelessly since 2000 to establish themselves as one of the world's elite longboard brands.

Fuelled by a passion for the sport of longboarding, Restless was born one legendary night back in 2000. A jigsaw, an old snowboard, rusty trucks and a beat up set of old wheels were the weapons of choice on that fateful night and it was a night that profoundly changed their lives.

Restless pride themselves on creating decks that allow riders to live a one of a kind experience and boast a range that covers everything from a smooth city cruiser to an adrenaline drive speed rush!

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Restless Boards - B52 Deck - Underside - RESDB52 Angled RESTLESS B52 DECK - 39" x 9.5" RES/D/B52
Restless Boards - Mantis 15 Deck - Underside - RESDMANT Angled RESTLESS MANTIS '15 DECK - 33" x 9.5" RES/D/MANT
Restless Boards - Splinter Series BUST 40in Deck - RESDSSB40 Ang RESTLESS SPLINTER SERIES BUST '15 DECK - 40" x 9.5" RES/D/SSB40
Restless Boards - Splinter Series BUST 38in Deck - RESDSSB38 Ang RESTLESS SPLINTER SERIES BUST '15 DECK - 38" x 9.5" RES/D/SSB38
Restless Wheels - Grindhouse - 70mm 78a White - RESWGH7078 RESTLESS GRINDHOUSE WHEELS (4) WHITE - 70mm/78a RES/W/GH7078
Restless Boards - Splinter Series CREST 40in Deck - RESDSSC40 An RESTLESS SPLINTER SERIES CREST '15 DECK - 40" x 9.5" RES/D/SSC40
Restless Boards - Fishbowl 37inch 15 Deck - US - RESDFB37 Angled RESTLESS FISHBOWL '15 DECK - 37" x 9.33" RES/D/FB37