81 Customs are possibly best known for their high quality, solid, scooter stunt pegs, and due to the recent change in trends, Plastic Stunt Pegs are now here and ready to ride!

The new 81 Customs Plastic Pegs are the new, skate park friendly grind peg set comes complete with four different size axles to fit almost every scooter and super slidey, changeable acetal plastic sleeves. The beauty of the plastic sleeves is that you are able to replace just the sleeve - when you need to!

Unlike many other scooter stunt pegs, the axle of the 81 Customs Stunt Pegs continues through the deck and the peg then tightens over the axle. Meaning the peg doesn't just sit on the threads of the axle and therefore reduces the chances of shearing making these scooter pegs stronger than other brands.

With a new fresh design these are not only nice to look at they have been designed and tested by an elite group of scooter riders, making them even more impressive to ride.