Antik Accessories

Antik bring their passion for high quality and design to some pretty cool accessories.

Antik Laces:

Finally they're here! Waxed Antik laces are designed to stop your laces sliding and getting loose as you skate and are exclusively for your Antik skates. But never fear! If you aren't lucky enough to have a pair of Antik SkateBoots there are laces available that have been designed to suit various low-cut boots, as well as laces in a variety of sizes that fit specific Antik SkateBoots.

72": Fit Various Low Cut Boots
81": Fit All MG-2
100": Fit AR-1 Sizes 3-8.5
108": Fit AR-1 Sizes 9-13

RRP: £8.50

Antik Roller Bag:

GrnMnstr Antik NEW multi-purpose Antik Equipment Bag is perfect for heading off to weekly practices or for long haul trips overseas with your team. The bag expands to carry more gear when needed and is still within the regulation sizes specified The interior straps hold on to your skates and gear securely with embroidered Antik pockets to pop in your favourite accessories. To make it easier to carry, there are handles both on top and on the sides as well as a sturdy retracting handle, and durable PU wheels for multiple carrying options.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Antik Equipment Bag - Angled View - GMAT102652 ANTIK ROLLER BAG GM/AT/102652
Antik Laces ANTIK WAXED LACES - 72" GM/AT/122491
Antik Laces ANTIK WAXED LACES - 81" GM/AT/122492
Antik Laces ANTIK WAXED LACES - 100" GM/AT/122493