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The world's most compact solid frame folding goals!

Bazooka Goal has merged the best of pop-up principles with a traditional goalpost design. The result is the world’s first, solid frame, pop-up goal that does not compromise quality or that real goal-scoring feeling.

Since 2011 Bazooka Goal have supplied some of the top flight clubs like Liverpool, Real Madrid, Manchester United and many more! In 2019 Bazooka Goal are ready to launch their brand-new range of Bazooka Quality Goals, Training Gear and even more products.

There are no tools needed to assemble these lightweight and compact goals at all, and there are also no pegs needed to keep it up. Bazooka’s solid frame pop up goal includes telescoping poles with a recoil frame, resulting in a frame that bounces back instead of sliding along the ground like other traditional portable goals. The Bazooka Goal’s are extremely portable and can be put up in seconds!

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
BazookaGoal V2 - Open Front View - PIBAZOOKV201 BAZOOKAGOAL - ORIGINAL 120 x 75 - BLACK/YELLOW - V2.0 PI/BGOR20
BazookaGoal XL 150 x 90 - Black Yellow - Front - PIBGXL10 BAZOOKAGOAL - XL 150 x 90 - BLACK/YELLOW PI/BGXL10
BazookaGoal XXL 180 x 90 - Black Yellow - Front - PIBGXXL10 BAZOOKAGOAL - EXTRA XL 180 x 90 - BLACK/YELLOW PI/BGXXL10
BazookaGoal EXP 200 x 75 - Black Yellow - Front - PIBGEXP10 BAZOOKAGOAL - EXP 200 x 75 - BLACK/YELLOW PI/BGEXP10
BazookaGoal Skills Net 300 x 100 - Black - Angled - PIBGSK10 BAZOOKAGOAL - SKILLS NET 300 x 100 - BLACK/YELLOW PI/BGSK10