Chicks in Bowls (CIB) is a US organisation founded in 2012 by Samara Pepperell, aka Lady Trample, whose main goal is to encourage skaters to lace up their skates, hit the skateparks and try something new. With Samara's involvement in this new skating discipline and the wheel making knowledge from past work with Reckless Wheels, they have produced a new line of specialist wheels which will help you to shred, slide and grind to your heart's content.

The Chicks in Bowls crew have drawn on their shared experiences of park, ramp and street skating to design a unique wheel range that takes from the best of artistic, derby skating and skateboarding, combining their design with a special formula that minimises your chance of flat spots.

Quote from Lady Trample herself about the Park Wheels - "You will love these wheels! The name says it all, they were made for vert or anything over 5 foot (1.5m). I have skated smaller ramps with these and they still perform well. You get more pop per push and you really feel that on bigger ramps. I like to think of these wheels as energy savers. You can pump a bowl or leap out of a ramp with less effort making your session last longer and giving you the power to do your lip tricks and airs! I took these to lots of different surfaces and although they are 103a hardness they don’t feel slippy. These monster wheels look beautiful and skate effortlessly."


  • Durometer: 98a
  • Height: 58mm
  • Width: 34mm
  • Running Surface: 24mm

RRP: £49.95

Please note - these are sold in packs of 4