FR UFR AP Street INTUITION Boots - Black


Here are the long awaited and well deserved Antony Pottier PRO-Model UFR Boots!

Antony no longer needs introductions, he's been on the skating scene for a long time, and what a time it's been. As a brand, FR Skates are renown throughout the industry and worldwide for their knowledge of in-line skating and skates. This is something that only comes from hard work, dedication and collaborating with the biggest and best names. Antony Pottier is one of the best street skaters in the world and has proved this by winning major International Street Competitions such as Winterclash and The Blading Cup. Antony's skills, effortless style, and his unique charisma brought him a well deserved PRO Skate with FR.

The UFR STREET Skates are a transformation of FR's well known FReeride Skates, but with a modified mounting system to become UFS, with removable soulplates. The UFR AP will be available as Boot Only, or Complete with Antony's own FLAT frames, and 65mm FR AP Black Wheels.

2 skates in 1! This means that the UFR can be the most all round skate possible, matching them with a set of UFS FReeride Frames from 4x80mm up to 3x125mm set-ups.

Antony Pottier UFR PRO-MODEL Skates!

Intuition offers the best premium boot liners in the world, launching new innovations in mouldable liner technology and setting unparalleled industry standards. Whether it’s ski or snowboard, mountaineering or skate boots, there is an Intuition liner that can enhance comfort and performance, as each liner is custom designed to specific athletic applications. The proprietary Intuition Foam used exclusively in all liners will ensure feet are kept warm, comfortable and happy.


Boot: Black Shell with Black Soulplate
Frame Mounting System: UFS (Universal Frame mounting System)
Liner: Removable and Heat-mouldable Intuition high density skate liner
Colour: Black
Use: Street, Park

RRP: £199.95