Loaded Bhangra Deck


The Dancer is dead......

...long live the Bhangra!

A more compact dancing/freestyle deck that still offers plenty of foot space to get your dancing groove on. The Loaded Bhangra is compact and lightweight enough to make steezy slides and advanced flatland tricks easier, helped by the strategically placed griptape. The upturned nose and tail kicks of the Bhangra, rocker, mellow concave and damp flex result in comfortable ergonomics that inspire confidence - both on the dance floor and the hills.


  • Length: 48.5”
  • Width: 9.5”
  • Wheelbase: 32.75” (inner hole)
  • Profile: Mellow U Concave
  • Deck Weight: Flex 1 - 2.8Kgs Flex 2 - 2.5Kgs
  • Flex 1: 150 - 250+ lbs 68 - 114 Kg’s
  • Flex 2: 90 - 190+ lbs 40 - 86 Kg’s


Rocker & Concave: The Bhangra has a slight “U” bend to it. The rocker and concave just sink you into the board and gives you that extra cushy, locked in feel. Feels great for dancing, makes sliding a lot easier and more comfortable, and puts the board lower to the ground, making pushing a tad bit easier.

Nose and Tail Kicks: More nose and tail curvatures allow for easier catching of the nose and tail. Both the nose and tail will lock your feet in nicely for manuals, but the different lengths result in distinct feelings of balance and pop.

Functional Griptape Design: This is the most thought out grip design to date. It features a functional, shoe saving design and two - yes, two, different types of grip tape. For the main standing platform, a mellower grip was cut into a functional pattern to save your shoes and so as when you do your spinning moves, most of your shoe will move freely on the bamboo, not the grip tape. A grippier grip tape on the nose and tail to help give you that extra locked in feeling when holding out steezy manuals.

Construction: This is Loaded's most organic board to date as they have created a durable beast bound together with bamboo, cork and epoxy bio-resin. We used no fiberglass in this board but were able to get the strength and flex characteristics needed, by using two vertical cores of vert-lam bamboo with cork in the middle for weight reduction and dampening.

Wheel Wells: Functional wheel wells accommodate several brands of 180mm trucks and 70mm wheels without risers. They will prevent wheelbite in most circumstances.

RRP: £179.95