Moto Bearings

Technology. Precision. Speed. Durability. That's What Makes A Moto Bearing!

Along with their range of bearings, Moto also offer a range of bearing tools and lubricants all tested and approved for use with Moto bearings.

Quality, durability and value - that's a Moto Deluxe Bearing!

RRP: £36.95

Built to the highest specification and constructed from the best parts available, Moto Deluxe bearings are 'skater rated' meaning that these bearings will withstand the heavy duty needs of today's roller skater. Pre-spun at the factory, given a light coating of lubricant and made with high precision races, delrin retainers and hardened steel balls gives these Moto Deluxe bearings a smooth, fast roll.

Moto Premium Swiss Bearings are technologically advanced and visually stunning!

RRP: £99.95

Built with Swiss precision parts and bonded with with an extremely hard 'Ti-Nite' ceramic coating these Moto Premium Swiss bearings feature the industry's only 'oil-thru' shields. This means that the lubrication applied reaches all internal parts ensuring that friction is reduced for a super smooth glide. The 'Ti-Nite' coating process hardens the running surfaces and improves durability and again provides a reduction in friction and an increase in roll. In addition to the technical properties given by the 'Ti-Nite' coating, it also gives a 'rainbow-like' colouring which is unlike any other and instantly recognisable.

Moto Ceramic Pearl Bearings - Nothing even comes close!

RRP: £169.95

The advantages of the Ceramic Pearl bearings from Moto are easy to see. Reduced friction from the finest, roundest, hardest, smoothest ceramic balls ever known make them lighter, more durable and transfers power more easily. All Moto bearings feature the 'Ti-Nite' bearing races and shields protecting against dirt and increasing longevity.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Moto Premium Bearings - GMMT102640 MOTO PREMIUM SWISS BEARINGS - SET 16 GM/MT/102640
Moto Ceramic Bearings - GMMT122517 MOTO CERAMIC PEARL BEARINGS - SET 16 GM/MT/122517
Moto Bearing Oil - GMMT122464 MOTO BEARING OIL - UNIT GM/MT/122464