MGP Scooters

The all new 2020 MGP VX Origin Stunt Scooter Range celebrates 10 years of the VX Complete Scooters and is more advanced than ever! Madd Gear have created the VX Origin Scooters using the latest technologies in manufacturing and with better specifications than we've ever seen on a complete scooter.

Infused with 10 generations worth of product knowledge and testing by the world's best pro riders, the MGP VX Origin Scooter Range features huge upgrades across the board, which includes the MGP VX Origin Light-AF 3D Forged Gooseneck! These massive upgrades have resulted in superlight complete scooters without sacrificing any strength or durability.

The MGP VX Origin Scooter Range are the best quality, strongest and lightest completes on the market! Every component and all of the materials used have been hand selected to produce the most well balanced scooters that MGP have ever made. The full VX Origin Range of Scooters are specifically designed to take your riding progression to the next level!