Madd Scooters Pre-Order

The new Madd Scooter range offers specification levels that far exceed any others at these price points.

For most kids, stunt scootering means fun and action and is currently very much in trend. What people thought impossible only a couple years ago, is now an everyday sight in skate parks and on street courses.

The Kick Pro, Kick Extreme and the Nuked scooters feature some of the highest specification components of any scooters at these price points. Be assured that these scooters off the same great specifications and quality as the MGP range we distribute and they also include the latest Box Deck technology. The new elliptical downtube has allowed Madd to produce this new range at amazing price points, and combined with great graphics make the new Madd range possibly the highest specification and best value for money range of stunt scooters available today.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Madd KICK Rascal III - Blue Lime - Angled - MGP207-520 MADD GEAR KICK MINI PRO RASCAL III - BLUE/LIME MGP/207-520