Orangatang Pre Order

Orangatang wheels were launched in 2008 and are already recognised as the leading brand in the longboard market!!!!

With continual product testing and research Orangatang are the brand to watch for new longboarding wheels.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Orangatang Fat Free Blue 65mm 77a - Angled - ORFF6577 ORANGATANG "FAT FREE" BLUE 65mm 77a (Set 4) OR/FF/6577
Keanu Purple 66mm 83a ORANGATANG "KEANU" PURPLE 66mm 83a (Set 4) OR/KU/6683
Orangatang Onsen Light Blue 58mm 100a ORANGATANG "ONSEN" PARK LIGHT BLUE 58mm 100a (Set 4) OR/ON/58100