Radar ZODIAC Wheels

The narrow width of the Radar Zodiac wheel allows for a greater range of movement. It’s superb for derby and jam skating. The stiff aluminium hub let’s you feel the floor. Featuring 5 precisely designed urethane formulas, the Zodiac wheels deliver the very top performance for any skater and surface.


  • 62mm x 38mm wheel with aluminium hub

RRP: £49.95

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Radar Wheels Zodiac Green RADAR WHEELS (4) ZODIAC GREEN 62mm RSRWZO01
Radar Wheels Zodiac Blue RADAR WHEELS (4) ZODIAC SKY BLUE 62mm RSRWZO02
Radar Wheels Zodiac Orange RADAR WHEELS (4) ZODIAC ORANGE 62mm RSRWZO04
Radar Wheels Zodiac 62mm 91a Black RADAR WHEELS (4) - ZODIAC - BLACK - 62mm/91a RW/RZO/BK
Radar Wheels Zodiac 62mm 92a Red RADAR WHEELS (4) - ZODIAC - RED - 62mm/92a RW/RZO/RE