Renner C Series Skateboards

The Renner C Series boards are the top of the Renner graphic board range and are great for more experience, pro level riders. This board features the very popular Renner 7 Ply Canadian Maple deck which has a great profile, possibly the best in its price range and will give the skater an exceptional ride whether it be in the skate park or out on the streets.

All the C Series boards are supplied with free stickers, a User Manual and swing tags which give the specification of the board which is great for store display.


Deck: 31" x 7.75" 7 Ply Canadian Maple Deck
Trucks: Renner 135 Electro Coloured Trucks with Carbon Steel Axles and 95a Cushions
Wheels: 53mm 95A Renner Black Widow Wheels
Bearings: Abec 9 Bearings
Grip Tape: OS780 Full Grip Tape
All Boards include Stickers

RRP: £44.95

Dickie says:

"Designing boards for the C Series is always the hardest as you are aiming at usually a different age group. The Tattoo board came about in 2001 and was my first tattoo design on a board. Of the new lot Gothic is my favourite, as it was the first design I did with the new Renner Gothic text which is now applied to so much of the new stuff."

Please note that these boards should be ordered in quantities of 4, and can be of mixed colours and series if required. They are also available for Direct Dispatch at our DD1 price.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Renner - Tattoo 3108 C1 Angled RENNER C inc ABEC 9 & BLACK TRUCKS - C1 Tattoo 3108C1
Renner - Gothic 3108 C12 Angled RENNER C inc ABEC 9 & BLACK TRUCKS - C12 Gothic 3108C12
Renner - BBC 3108 C13 Angled RENNER C inc ABEC 9 & POLISHED TRUCKS- C13 BBC 3108C13
Renner - Blood Tattoo 3108 C14 Angled RENNER C inc ABEC 9 & BLACK TRUCKS - C14 Blood Tattoo 3108C14
Renner - Creepers 3108 C8 Angled RENNER C inc ABEC 9 & BLACK TRUCKS - C8 Creepers 3108C8
Renner - Logo 3108 C9 Angled RENNER C inc ABEC 9 & BLACK TRUCKS - C9 Logo 3108C9