S1 Lifer Full Face Helmets - Black Gloss


As you would expect from industry leading helmet manufacturers, S1, their Full Face Lifer Helmet meets all the current safety standards for downhill skateboarding, cycling, roller skating and scootering.

Intended for use whilst downhill riding, the S1 Full Face Lifer Helmet is aerodynamically designed to reduce wind resistance. This Full Face Helmet combines the stand out features of the original S1 Lifer Helmet and is certified for both high impact and multiple impacts.

When you're purchasing any S1 Lifer Helmet, including the Full Face Lifer Helmet, you can be sure that you are getting the best helmet, that meets and exceeds the current safety standards. Each production run of S1 Helmets is tested to ensure you're getting the best protection possible.

Included with every purchase of a S1 Full Face Helmet are;

  • Two visors
  • Three different thickness of cheek pads
  • Two extra sizing liners
  • Protective helmet bag
  • Die cut sticker sheet


  • Certified multi impact helmet (ATSM)
  • Certified high impact helmet (CPSC)
  • Specially formulated EPS Fusion Foam to protect against multiple impacts
  • 5 times more protective than soft foam helmets
  • Additional padding supplied for a comfortable and secure fit

RRP: £249.95