Zycom Easy Ride 200 Scooter - NEW Price

The Easy Ride 200 from Zycom's design and function is something special indeed. With its new and unique hydraulic folding mechanism combined with a traditional look and style makes for a scooter that has it all.


  • Unique hydraulic folding mechanism
  • Adjustable bar height
  • Removable handlebars for more compact storage


  • 200mm wheels
  • Flex fender brake system
  • Secure clamp hold bars in place
  • Comfort grips and durable bar ends
  • Hydraulic folding mechanism that unfolds at the flick of a lever

RRP: £69.95

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Zycom Easy Ride 200 Sky Blue Orange - ZYC 204-158 ZYCOM EASY RIDE 200 SCOOTER - SKY BLUE / ORANGE ZYC/204-158
Zycom Easy Ride 200 White Lime - ZYC 204-481 ZYCOM EASY RIDE 200 SCOOTER - WHITE / LIME ZYC/204-481
Zycom Easy Ride 200 Silver Orange - ZYC 204-483 ZYCOM EASY RIDE 200 SCOOTER - SILVER / ORANGE ZYC/204-483