Zycom Z Bike

Balance bikes have been around in various designs for a number of years, but the Zycom ZBike is like none that you've seen before!

The breathtaking design of the ZBike is what will first attract you but then when you take a closer look at the open wheel setup and perfectly balanced unique 'Z frame' you will see that the ZBike not only looks good, but is functional too and designed to grow with the rider thanks to the height adjustable seat.

A chrome plated height adjustable handle bar offers a limited range of movement to help toddlers perfect their balance and attaches to a 12" Zycom Classic Wheel which has a wide tread pattern for extra grip and stability.


  • 17" Wide One Piece Chrome Plated Handlebar
  • Comfortable Non-Slip Grips with Large Bar End
  • Balanced Lightweight Z Frame
  • 12" Zycom Classic Wheels with a Wide Tread
  • Adjustable Handle Bar Height
  • Height Adjustable Seat from 40cm up to a max height of 45cm
  • Overall Assembled Dimensions - H: 62cm (24.5") L: 82.5cm (32.5") W: 43cm (17")

RRP: £54.99

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Zycom ZBIKE Black Red - Angled - ZYC204-494 ZYCOM Z BIKE - BLACK / RED ZYC/204-494
Zycom ZBIKE Sky Blue White - Angled - ZYC204-496 ZYCOM Z BIKE - SKY BLUE / WHITE ZYC/204-496
Zycom ZBIKE Purple Pink - Angled - ZYC204-499 ZYCOM Z BIKE - PURPLE / PINK ZYC/204-499
Zycom ZBIKE Lime Pink - Angled - ZYC204-920 ZYCOM Z BIKE - LIME / PINK ZYC/204-920