Radar Wheels

It's simple; Radar Wheels are designed by skaters in every skating category.

Tested and rated number one by skaters in every skating discipline!

Radar Wheels deliver top performance with the very best value no matter what demand skating enthusiasts place on their wheels.

Radar Wheels is a culmination of urethane wheel technologies introduced to skateboarding in the 70's, advanced in the 80's accelerated within the inline industry in the 90's and perfected for roller skating today.

New formulas, new shapes, new sizes and new hub technologies are being tested out in the field every day by Radar's extensive new product development team. A multi-national group of skaters, chemists, industrial designers and engineers from around the world strive to satisfy today's growing demand for even better wheels specific to each skating discipline. Jam wheel designs are inspired by jam skaters, track formulas are tested by top derby skaters, sizes and shapes of rhythm wheels are confirmed by the best shuffle and rex skaters across the country, and even our outdoor wheels are ridden hard on city street, beach paths, and skate parks.

Don't be fooled by other wheels that simply look like Radar Wheels. Radar Wheels are the very best skate wheels and top skaters rely on Radar Wheels' performance on their skates.