Madd Gear Scooters

The 2019 Madd Gear Kick Scooter range features a model for every riding age and ability! Whether you’re an up and coming shredder or well on your way to pro status, the Madd Gear Kick range of scooters has you covered and is backed by Madd Gear’s reputation for quality.

With 9 generations of product knowledge and testing infused into its DNA, the Madd Gear Kick Scooter range comes dialed straight out of the box and ready to tackle anything from your ride to school to ripping down at your local skate park without breaking a sweat!

With components hand selected for their performance and durability, the Madd Gear Kick Scooter range is ready to take your progression to the next level and have you beating your friends at S.C.O.O.T in no time!