Bear Trucks

Brought to the public in 2004, Bear Trucks started in order to fill a void in the market for a high performance, high quality downhill truck. Bear began by producing precisions that could withstand and perform well with larger wheels and higher speeds and this led to the development of the Smokies. These went on to dominate the downhill racing circuit and allowed riders to push themselves outside of the race course. This progression prompted the creation of the Grizzly; a cast aluminium version of the successful downhill truck.

With over a decade of experience in truck design, Bear continues to produce top of the line skateboard components. All of Bear's pours use virgin 8356 aluminium and feature our Squeeze Cast technology, producing a stronger and more coherent grain structure than conventionally poured trucks. This, combined with heat treating our axles and facing our hangers, means that Bears are some of the toughest trucks on the market.

Our in-house engineer works tirelessly to ensure Bear Trucks are the best available on the market. Every design goes through a lengthy prototype phase, where samples are tested for strength and quality in our 600 square foot engineering workshop. Projects are tweaked to the fraction of an inch, modelled and analyzed to ensure quality of design. Prototypes are shred-tested by our team of professional riders to ensure they perform exactly as intended. Bear is staffed by riders and we combine science and passion to make a product that works exactly how we’d like.

With a decade of experience in the market, Bear’s history of performance and quality is motivation to continue developing groundbreaking designs and production techniques. We use these trucks every day and want them to perform like no other. Bear Trucks is a combination of experience, engineering and enthusiasm for high performance and quality skateboard trucks.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Bear Grizzly Gen 5 Truck Black - LY-GR852BK BEAR GRIZZLY GEN 5 TRUCKS 8mm 52' - BLACK (Unit) LY-GR852BK
Bear Pumpkin Bushings Green - LY-BEAPMP1 PUMPKIN BUSHINGS GREEN (Set of 1) LY-BEAPMP1