Renner Skateboards

Renner Skateboards are probably the most popular range of complete skateboards available with specifications to suit every level, from beginner level skateboards in the Junior range to the Pro level skateboards.

Renner first started making skateboards back in the early 1980's and at the time the manufacturers were not able to keep up with the demand. It wasn't until the 90's that the brand was rescued and brought into mass production by J & R Sports. The introduction of the designer, Dickie, to the team back in 1997 moved the brand forward and sent it cruising into the millennium, when from 2000 onwards Renner became one of the leaders in skateboard sales.

Renner skateboards feature profiled decks, in various grades, heat transferred graphics and full 80S grip tape. All boards include free stickers (except Z Series) and instruction / guarantee leaflets within the packaging and are bar coded.

The Renner range is probably the most sought after range of skateboards in their price point in the UK.

RRP: £19.95 - £49.95 depending on model

Please note that these boards should be ordered in quantities of 4, and can be of mixed colours and series if required. They are also available for Direct Dispatch at our DD1 price.