Zycom are dedicated to producing high quality, innovative, children's scooters, balance bikes and ride on trikes which grow with your child and encourage the development of their co-ordination and fine motor skills.

When J & R Sports became the UK distributor for Zycom products back in 2014, we saw a massive demand for their eye catching, Cruz three wheeled scooter which features a uniquely curved handle bar. Such was the demand for this product, Zycom created a smaller version, the Zipster, which features light up wheels and is perfectly proportioned for smaller children who are wanting their first scooter.

The Zing and Zinger scooters from Zycom have three wheels and wide plastic footplates, but this is where their similarities to other three wheeled scooters stops as unlike other brands, Zycom have made the Zing and Zinger scooters foldable and height adjustable so as they grow with your child!

Balance bikes and trikes are a great way to develop your child's co-ordination and prepare them for pedal bikes. Within the Zycom range, you will find the ZBike and the Zykster 2in1. Both of which will grow with your child, feature truly unique designs, are perfectly balanced and the Zycom Zykster converts from a three wheel, ride on trike to a three wheel scooter quickly and easily.

For more information on Zycom, their products and useful instructional guides, visit the Zycomotion Website.