MGP Scooter Parts & Accessories

Not only do MGP make some of the best stunt scooters in the world, they have a comprehensive range of Parts & Accessories - perfect for customising your scooter or replacing parts.

Over the years, as riding styles have evolved, so too have the forks that MGP fit to their scooters. From the days of the VX2 Threaded Forks up to the super sleek MFX Affray Forks, MGP have a scooter fork to fit.

Due to popular demand, MGP introduced the option of purchasing the scooter deck only. This allows riders to build their own custom scooter, with their only limit being their imagination.

In addition to a well stocked range of scooter parts, there is also a huge choice of MGP Accessories including, MGP Caps, MGP branded Wax, MGP Stickers and Wristbands.

Please note: When swapping parts over, additional parts may be required. For more information or assistance please call our customer support team on 0151 523 0500.