MGP Scooter Clamps

MGP Scooter Clamps are available in a range of styles and colours to suit all sizes of Scooter Bars

MGP Double Clamps are a great way to reduce the weight of your scooter. Choosing a MFX X2 Clamp or Extreme Clamp, which have Titanium hardware, will reduce weight even further.

Triple Clamps attach your scooter bars securely, when weight isn't an issue. There is a wide range of MGP and MFX Scooter Clamps available.

Please note: Additional parts may be required when replacing scooter clamps. Please ensure the parts you select are compatible with the MGP product you are purchasing. J & R Sports will not accept returns for this reason. For more information on compatibility, please call our Customer Support Team on 0151 523 0500.

Clamp RRP:
MGP Double Clamp £6.95
MGP Triple Clamp £8.95
MGP Hothead Triple Clamp £14.95
MGP Hatter Triple Clamp £15.95
MFX Extreme Clamp £14.95
MFX X2 Cobra Clamp £39.95 - £44.95
MFX X3 Clamp £49.95