The stand-alone brand, Gullwing can be described as innovative, progressive and legendary, after starting out in 1977 they have given over 35 years service to the skateboarding market.

Being the first truck company to push the boundaries in truck design, Gullwing continue to do so as their goal is to provide the absolute best skateboard trucks on the market for all types of skateboarding. In doing this they have something for everyone and this ensure that the customer has a reason to buy within the brand.

Gullwing have been at the forefront of skateboard truck technology and remain there today and pride themselves on being the one brand you can trust for many years to come and ask you to join them on the ride as they introduce their new range of trucks.

Size Options Good For... RRP
Chargers 9" & 10" Cruising, Carving £24.95
Charger II 10" Carving, Freeriding, Downhill £24.95
Mission I 7", 8.375", 9", 10" Cruising, Carving £19.95
Pro III 9" Cruising, Carving, Conventional £24.95 - £26.95
Shadow DLX 7.5", 8", 8.5", 9" Street, Ramp, Vert £22.95 - £24.95
Sidewinder II 9", 10" Carving £29.95 - £34.95
Stalker 9" Carving, Freeriding, Downhill £34.95
Winged Munkae 10" Freeriding, Downhill £249.95