U-FR Skates from FR, made by skaters for skaters!

The U-FR skates will shred roads and rip through skateparks. Skate on sidewalks or streets, grind on ledges, or jump on fun boxes…

The U-FR STREET Skates are a transformation of FR's well known FReeride Skates, but with a modified mounting system to become UFS, with removable soul plates. The U-FR AP is available as Boot Only, or Complete with Antony's own FLAT frames, and 65mm FR AP Black Wheels.

2 skates in 1! This means that the UFR can be the most all round skate possible, matching them with a set of UFS FReeride Frames from 4x80mm up to 3x125mm set-ups.

With the U-FR collection you choose to ride everything! The U-FR collection offers a multitude of parts & customization and is UFS compatible. Mount soul plates… or not! Use 3 big wheels or 4 small wheels, ride flat or antirockers… adapt U-FR boots to your preferences.

Comfort is not left behind, as higher-end models are equipped with INTUITION liners, widely recognized as the most comfortable liners. U-FR is the all-around skate collection, ideal for skating in all its forms.