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The concept of adding a motor to a traditional push scooter is an idea that has been around for a couple of years now, with varying designs and specifications. The all new CityBug Electric Scooter is the ultimate urban innovation and is the only electric scooter you will ever need to know about.

J & R Sports have been working tirelessly for over 15 years to continually bring the biggest brands and the best products to our customers and we feel that the CityBug Electric Scooter is a product our retailers will love and we will offer to dispatch this item direct to your customer! Please enquire at the time of placing your order.

Which CityBug Should I Buy?

CityBug SE CityBug 2S CityBug 2
Front Wheels: 8" Hollow Rubber 8" Inflatable 7.6" Hollow Rubber
Rear Wheels: 8" Hollow Rubber 7.2" Hollow Rubber 7.2" Hollow Rubber
Battery: Li-Ion 36v Li-Ion 48v Li-Ion 36v
Motor: 250w 350w 250w
Charge Time: 3 hrs 2 hrs 2.5-3 hrs
Range: 15-18km 18-20km 16-18km
Max Speed: 22 km/h 22km/h 20km/h
Weight: 13.2kg 12.7kg 12.5kg
Price: £499.95 £599.95 £599.95