MGP MFX Scooter Parts

MFX produce some of the finest scooter parts around. Whether you're looking for replacement Scooter Wheels or looking for the perfect scooter deck to build your custom scooter with, you'll find what you're looking for with MFX Scooter Parts.

When the MFX 4.8" Scooter Deck was released, we saw unprecedented demand for the deck. So to meet the demand and inline with rider preferences, MFX released the 4.5" Scooter Deck, and brought with it stunning finishes and hydro-wrap designs.

The MFX RWilly Signature Wheels have been tested by the man himself on the Nitro Circus Giganta Ramp and have been designed to withstand the demand and strain put on them by pro riders.

MFX are committed to producing the highest quality scooter parts and use only the finest materials in their construction. When partnered with the latest, industry leading technologies in manufacturing, you can be assured that when you purchase any MFX product, that you are getting the lightest, most durable scooter parts available.