MFX Scooter Decks

The MFX range of 4.5" and 4.8" Scooter Decks are the perfect starting point when building a custom scooter. They have utilised the latest manufacturing technologies to produce some of the finest scooter decks available.

With development in manufacturing technologies, the design team at MFX have been able to use internal fluting to reduce the weight of the scooter decks, without compromising on strength and have used the T4 and T6 heat treatment methods to enhance durability.

The original MFX 4.8" Scooter Deck was the biggest deck in the range and immensely popular. To keep up with rider preferences, MFX developed a smaller 4.5" wide deck. Along with this, came the addition of special, on trend chrome and neo chrome finishes as well as the exclusive hydro wrapped MFX Limited Edition Scooter Decks.

Once again, in line with rider preferences, the MFX range has expanded to include the first Signature Scooter Deck of any MGP Pro Rider. The 5" wide Juzzy Carter Street Deck has been designed to meet the needs of street riders and spent more than 12 months in development.

Deck RRP:
MFX 4.5" Deck Standard Colours £109.95
MFX 4.5" Deck Special Editions £129.95
MFX 4.8" Deck Standard Colours £109.95
MFX 4.8" Deck Special Editions £129.95
MFX 5" Juzzy Carter Street Deck £139.95