RollerBones Wheels & Bearings

RollerBones Wheels are the core product of RollerBones, a widely recognised producer of roller skate wheels and bearings; manufacturing some of the best Roller Derby and Roller Skate Wheels for decades and are considered to be premium quality high performance wheels within the high-price segment.

RollerBones was established in 1979 when a white MDI formula used by Powell Corp for skateboard wheels replaced a transparent TDI formula, the roller-skate industry standard. This change led to a shift in the industry as other companies followed.

RollerBones are poured in Santa Barbara, California. We are constantly evolving and improving our formulas to accommodate all disciplines of roller-skating. Quality products for the quality minded skater.

RollerBones Turbo wheels are one of the signature products of RollerBones featuring spoked hubs from extruded aluminium. These universally renowned RollerBones Wheels are famous for their excellent speed properties. Due to their dynamically shaped cores, low profile and high-quality polyurethane, RollerBones Turbo are popular among derby, jam and speed skaters allowing them to achieve the competitive edge, crucial in these disciplines. Bold design and straightforward colours of these RollerBones contribute a unique dramatic style into the skating outfit.

When it comes to style the RollerBones Wheels collection has a lot to offer to the market. RollerBones Dead-of-the-Dead speed wheels are a combination of artwork and advanced technology providing for excellent performance capacity and a fun look.

Miami and Barcelona models from RollerBones Wheels collection are another work of industrial art blended with functional properties. Designed for outdoor recreational skating, these 65-mm wheels suit perfectly for any type of outdoor roller skating trail.