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MGP SkateBoards

As with all Madd Gear products, you can be sure the products you buy are made from the highest quality materials to ensure the best ride for your money and with three skateboard specification levels to choose from there is a deck to suit all abilities.

The entry level Gangsta skateboard series from Madd Gear is perfect for younger riders who are picking up a skateboard for the first time.

Bridging the gap between beginner and pro, the Honcho series skateboards from Madd Gear are perfect for practicing and perfecting your skills.

Designed with pro level riders in mind, the Jive skateboard series from Madd Gear feature stripped back graphics and also feature UK Exclusive designs.

All boards include Stickers

Please note that these boards should be ordered in quantities of 4, and can be of mixed colours and series if required. They are also available for Direct Dispatch at our DD1 price.