MFX Scooter Forks

MFX are committed to producing lightweight, premium scooter parts and with the MFX Affray Scooter Forks style is not something that has been compromised on either. MFX Affray Forks are available in either the on trend chrome and neo chrome or sleek anodised finishes.

CNC machined cut outs and an embossed MFX logo have helped to reduce weight in the T6 aluminium alloy crafted, IHC Affray fork from MFX. They also feature an integrated bearing crown race and comes with the necessary FSA headset top cap and compression disc.

The MFX Affray fork is built to take up to 120mm wheels with ease but other sizes will also fit without modification.

RRP: £49.95 - £54.95 depending on colour.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
MFX Affray Scooter Fork - Neo Chrome - Angled - 205-098 MFX AFFRAY FORKS 120mm - NEO CHROME MGP/205-098
MFX Affray Scooter Fork - Chrome - Angled - 205-099 MFX AFFRAY FORKS 120mm - CHROME MGP/205-099
MFX Affray Scooter Fork - Nickel - Angled - 205-100 MFX AFFRAY FORKS 120mm - NICKEL MGP/205-100
MFX Affray Scooter Fork - Electric Blue - Angled - 205-201 MFX AFFRAY FORKS 120mm - ANODISED BLUE MGP/205-201
MFX Affray Scooter Fork - Silver - Angled - 205-202 MFX AFFRAY FORKS 120mm - ANODISED SILVER MGP/205-202
MFX Affray scooter Fork - Black - Angled - 205-203 MFX AFFRAY FORKS 120mm - ANODISED BLACK MGP/205-203