MGP Scooter Wheels

Whether you're buying replacement scooter wheels or choosing wheels for your custom scooter setup, MGP have a huge selection of wheels to choose from.

MGP Aero Core wheels are the original MGP metal core, scooter wheels and are available in either 100mm or 110mm wheels diameter depending on rider preference.

Thanks to developments in manufacturing processes, MGP have been able to use CNC machining to forge alloy core wheels. This process creates a lightweight and extremely durable wheel.

Over the years, there has been an increase in demand for larger diameter wheels. MGP developed the MFX range to include 120mm, metal core scooter wheels. In addition to this, MFX have worked in partnership with one of the biggest athletes in the extreme sports world, Ryan 'RWilly' Williams, to develop a range of RWilly Signature Wheels.