MGP DDAM CFA 110mm Wheels

Using the latest manufacturing processes available means that MGP have been able to create the DDAM CFA Scooter Wheels using CNC machining technology to produce a lightweight and extremely durable scooter wheel.

Whether you're buying replacement scooter wheels or choosing wheels for your custom scooter setup, MGP have a huge selection of wheels to choose from.

With anodised metal cores and a black urethane combination, the DDAM CFA 110mm scooter wheels not only look good, but have also been manufactured to the highest standard for durability, and offer maximum grip.

Sold in single units.

RRP: £26.95

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
MGP DDAM CFA 110mm Scooter Wheel - BlackWhite - 203-394 DDAM CFA 110mm WHEEL - BLACK/WHITE inc BEARINGS MGP/203-394
MGP DDAM CFA 110mm Scooter Wheel - BlackLime - 203-395 DDAM CFA 110mm WHEEL - BLACK/GREEN inc BEARINGS MGP/203-395
MGP DDAM CFA 110mm Scooter Wheel - GoldPurple - 203-396 DDAM CFA 110mm WHEEL - GOLD/PURPLE inc BEARINGS MGP/203-396
MGP DDAM CFA 110mm Scooter Wheel - PurpleTurquoise - 203-397 DDAM CFA 110mm WHEEL - PURPLE/TURQUOISE inc BEARINGS MGP/203-397