MGP Scooter Brakes

MGP have developed a whole range of Scooter Brakes suitable for all the MGP Scooters past and present.

There are a couple of different types of Scooter Brakes available with different brake bolt configurations. There are the original long bolt style of scooter brakes, where the bolt goes through the deck side to side.

In line with rider preferences, MGP then moved onto single or dual bolt holes which were drilled through the top of the deck, for easy fitting.

Originally, Spring Brakes were used on MGP Scooters, however, riders found that these could be quite noisy and so the single piece, Flexi Brakes were designed.

Please ensure that you select the correct size and brake bolt configuration for your scooter as we will not accept returns for this reason. If you need assistance in choosing the correct brake for your scooter, please call our Customer Support Team on 0151 523 0500.

Size Bolts RRP:
MGP Original Brake 100mm N/A £4.95
MGP VX 4 Spring Brake 100mm Dual £7.95
MGP Brake & Spring 100mm N/A £8.95
MGP Flexi Brake 100mm Single £9.95
MGP Flexi Brake 100mm Dual £9.95
MGP Flexi Brake 110mm Dual £9.95
MGP VX3 Brake 110mm Dual £9.95
MGP Composite Brake 100mm Dual £9.95
MGP Composite Brake 110mm Dual £9.95
MGP Composite Brake 120mm Dual £9.95
MGP VX2 Spring Brake 100mm Single £12.95