MGP Scooter Forks

If you're in the market for a new Scooter Fork for your MGP Scooter or looking to swap out your current Fork, there is a range of MGP and MFX Scooter Forks to suit everyone.

Older MGP Scooters came fitted with Threaded Forks as standard. As time has passed and scooter styles have evolved, so to have the designs.

There is a range of DDAM Threadless Forks which has two different designs and are suitable for up to 120mm wheels.

The MFX Affray Forks are quite simply stunning. CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminium and available in a choice of colours they are at the cutting edge of both design and technology.

In addition to the range of Scooter Forks offered by MGP, there is also the option to purchase Compression Parts separately.

Please note: Additional parts may be required when replacing scooter forks. Please check the compatibility of the items you are purchasing prior to doing so. For more information on compatibility, please call our Customer Support Team on 0151 523 0500.

Wheel Size RRP:
MGP Threaded Forks up to 100mm £11.95
MGP Headache Threaded Forks up to 100mm £13.95
MGP Nitro Threadless Forks up to 100mm £34.95-£42.95
MGP DDAM Threadless Forks up to 110mm £44.95
MGP 120mm Threadless Forks up to 120mm £44.95
MFX Affray Forks up to 120mm £49.95-£54.95