MGP Scooter Bars

Over the years, MGP have built up an impressive range of component parts and the range of MGP Scooter Bars includes some of the most popular MGP designs ever seen.

The iconic Madd Hatter Y Bars were seen on the MGP VX2 Team Edition Scooter which was one of the most popular scooters MGP have ever released.

In addition to bars from previous MGP Scooter collections, MGP wanted to honour their most successful Pro Team Rider, Ryan 'RWilly' Williams'. The MFX RWilly Signature Bars sold out within minutes of their pre-release in 2014, and have remained one of the most sought after handle bars to date. Due to their immense popularity, RWilly Bars are usually only available to Pre-Order.

MGP have kept up with rider preferences in recent years and have added to their range different height and width options as well as bars for use with standard (31.8mm) or oversized (34.9mm) compression systems.

Please note: Additional parts may be required when replacing handle bars. For more information on this, please call our Customer Support Team on 0151 523 0500.

Size (W x H) Standard/Oversize RRP:
Madd Hatter Y Bars 22" x 18" Standard £34.95
MGP BatWings 23" x 21" Oversize £44.95
MGP End of Days Bars 23" x 21" Oversize £39.95
MGP Lethal Bars 23" x 21" Oversize £39.95
MGP She Devil Bars 23" x 21" Oversize £44.95
MGP Headache Bars 22" x 18" Standard £34.95
MGP Terry Price Signature Bars 21" x 23" Both £59.95
MFX Aero Bars 24" x 25" Oversize £79.95
MFX BAMF Titanium Bars 26" x 26" Oversize £279.95