MGP Headache Bars

MGP Headache Scooter Bars are made from the finest Japanese Chromoly and feature a unique MGP designed water decal.

Internally fluted to improve strength and durability, whilst still remaining lightweight, the MGP Headache Bars* are a brilliant way to customise your MGP Scooter.

Please note: Additional parts may be required when replacing handle bars. For more information on this, please call out Customer Support Team on 0151 523 0500.


  • Width 22"
  • Height 18"
  • Standard (31.8mm) size for use with threaded forks

RRP: £34.95

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
MGP HeadAche scooter Bars - Sky Blue 202-544 MGP HEADACHE Y-BARS 18" x 22" (31.8mm) - SKY BLUE MGP/202-544
MGP HeadAche scooter Bars - Red 202-545 MGP HEADACHE Y-BARS 18" x 22" (31.8mm) - RED MGP/202-545
MGP HeadAche scooter Bars - Lime 202-546 MGP HEADACHE Y-BARS 18" x 22" (31.8mm) - GREEN MGP/202-546
MGP HeadAche scooter Bars - Purple 202-547 MGP HEADACHE Y-BARS 18" x 22" (31.8mm) - PURPLE MGP/202-547