Zycom MiNi Scooter - NEW Price

This eye catching little number is the Zycom Mini. Designed for the 3 to 5 year old rider the scooter features super cute colours and is available in 6 fun colour combinations for the pre-school child to choose from.

The Mini scooter from Zycomotion is the smallest scooter available in the range and is the perfect first scooter for smaller children as the handle bar adjusts to two height settings and will grow with your child. The dual lock safety feature on the Zycom Mini means that the height cannot be adjusted by the rider.

The wide one piece plastic deck has a textured, non-slip pattern to provide a secure and sure footing for smaller feet and features an easy to operate, quick stop brake that will bring the rider to a slow and controlled stop.


  • Dual locking feature which secures bars safely in place.
  • Two height settings.
  • Perfectly sized grips for little hands with hardwearing plastic bar ends.
  • Non slip deck.


  • Screw cap collar clamp
  • Plastic bar ends
  • Wide one piece plastic deck
  • 120mm 85a wheel
  • Steel steering fork

RRP: £19.99

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Zycom MINI Pink Purple - ZYC 204-462 ZYCOM MINI SCOOTER - PINK / PURPLE ZYC/203-462
Zycom MINI Blue Green - ZYC 204-463 ZYCOM MINI SCOOTER - BLUE / GREEN ZYC/203-463
Zycom MINI Green Purple - ZYC 204-464 ZYCOM MINI SCOOTER - GREEN / PURPLE ZYC/203-464
Zycom MINI Purple Yellow - ZYC 204-465 ZYCOM MINI SCOOTER - PURPLE / YELLOW ZYC/203-465
Zycom MINI Red Blue - ZYC 204-466 ZYCOM MINI SCOOTER - RED / BLUE ZYC/203-466
Zycom MINI White Orange - ZYC 204-467 ZYCOM MINI SCOOTER - WHITE / ORANGE ZYC/203-467