Abec 11 Reflex BigZigs

Reflex BigZigs from Abec 11 are one of the best selling longboard wheels of all time for a reason. The reflex formula urethane gives the BigZigs great response and when mixed with the wide contact patch will give a combination that'll last a long time. If you're looking for a quiet, smooth responsive wheel, then look no further than the Reflex BigZigs.


  • Excellent acceleration, quiet, smooth.
  • Offset wheels with lots of grip.


Size: 75mm
Edge: Square
Hub: Off Set

RRP: £54.95

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
Abec 11 Reflex BigZigs 75mm Pink 77a ABEC 11 - REFLEX BIGZIGS - PINK - 75/77A - Set 4 AB/BZ/R7577
Abec 11 Reflex BigZigs 75mm Lime 80a ABEC 11 - REFLEX BIGZIGS - LIME - 75/80A - Set 4 AB/BZ/R7580
Abec 11 Reflex BigZigs 75mm Lemon 83a ABEC 11 - REFLEX BIGZIGS - LEMON - 75/83A - Set 4 AB/BZ/R7583
Abec 11 Reflex BigZigs 75mm Orange 86a ABEC 11 - REFLEX BIGZIGS - ORANGE - 75/86A - Set 4 AB/BZ/R7586