Antik Boots

Antik now offer FOUR boot only options in their range, the ever popular AR-1 and MG-2, as well as the newly released AR-2 and JET Carbon Boots.

Antik AR-2:

The Antik AR2 Boot is the latest boot innovation to hit the parks and tracks and has been updated with a heap of new features to make your skating dreams come true. Some of these features include new tongue padding, liners and a composite outsole.

Antik AR-1:

The Antik AR-1 is a high cut, full grain leather upper boot, featuring a hard toe box made from scuff resistant leather. To make this boot completely unique to you and ensure maximum comfort during use, both sides of the boot along with the hard toe box are heat mouldable and there are integrated heel shock absorbers.

Antik JET Carbon:

The all new Antik Jet Carbon is an exciting first. The fully carbon fiber outsole offers unparalleled response in a feather light package, this provides ultimate precision and control. Lower ankle height increases mobility. Fully heat mouldable heel and toe box for the ultimate in customized fitting, the Jet Carbon is the most technical boot Antik has ever offered!

Antik MG-2:

Just like it's counterpart, the Antik MG-2 is a high cut boot to offer more support to your ankles when skating along with a narrow heel cup for extra stability when skating. It also has a hard toe box made from scuff resistant leather but features suede uppers and a Dri-Lex interior lining with a netted, sponge rubber, tongue lining to help relieve pressure on the top of the foot.