Clatch BMX Bushings & Bearings

Under the parent brand of KHE Bikes Clatch BMX offer a range of parts and accessories.

Description Stock Code Price Quantity
KHE-3101-200-02 CLATCH - MID LOOSE BB KIT inc AXLE KHE-3101-200-02
KHE-3102-000-02 CLATCH Sealed BB US Threaded CLATCH - SEALED BB US THREADED KHE-3102-000-02
KHE-3105-001-02 CLATCH - US TO EURO ADAPTOR KHE-3105-001-02
KHE-3106-019-99 CLATCH - MID SIZE UPGRADE KIT 19mm KHE-3106-019-99
KHE-3108-019-02 CLATCH - SEALED BB US THREADLESS 19mm KHE-3108-019-02